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Most Valuable Yugioh Cards 2022 Top Pick

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most valuable yugioh cards


Looking for the most valuable YuGiOh cards of 2022? You’re in the right spot. We’re going to do our best to review some of the most expensive YuGiOh cards sold over the course of the year. And with the YuGiOh market seemingly alive and well, what better time to take a look at some of those ultra-rare (and incredibly valuable) cards. We’ll start with some truly insane finds and work our way down to more reasonably priced editions. While these are the most valuable YuGiOh card the world has to offer, there should be some options that the average investor can afford to take a chance on. Of curse, if you really know what you’re doing, it may not be much of a chance at all!



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Most Valuable YuGiOh Cards 2022


2002 Blue-Eyes Dragon 

most valuable yugioh cards

(New Prices on eBay)

Wow. A recent sale on eBay is truly shocking. Ready? That makes one of us because we’re not. $85,100. What on earth? Truly amazing. That’s in the territory of some of the most valuable LeBron James cards ever sold. That dragon sure must know how to ball. Now to be fair, that was for a First Edition LOB PSA 10 gem mint. Don’t have $80,000 lying under your couch cushions? A PSA 9 will only cost you around $15,000. Oh and by the way, this card was once listed for over 45 MILLION yen (that’s over $400,000 if you don’t feel like pulling out the currency converter). Fly on dragon, fly on.


Des Volstgalph Ultra Rare Shonen Jump Prize 

des vols

(New Prices on eBay)

An ungraded version of this super rare dragon-like fiend sold for almost $10,000 recently. Can you imagine the price it would have commanded if it were a 10 grade? Let’s just say the Blue-Eyes Dragon would have had a run for its money for the title of most valuable YuGiOh sold in 2022.


2002 Celtic Guardian

most valuable yugioh cards celtic guardian

(New Prices on eBay)

This one is up there on the list because there is a rare misprint of the card that can send buyers into a frenzy to the tune of almost $5,000. However, the regular 1st Edition card is still capable of cashing in for over $1,000 as a gem mint. The good news is, we’re starting to get into the territory of a reasonable investment. If you have $50 to throw out there try picking up a grade 8. At some point that $50 may turn into $100. Maybe more! One thing we do know is this card isn’t going to zero.


2020 Battles of Legend Ten Thousand Dragon 1st Edition

2020 legend

(New Prices on eBay)

A rare find that is making a big splash on the scene. Just take a look at this behemoth and you’ll see why it’s able to capture the imagination of the beholder. In addition to looks, it has plenty of value. For instance, a grade 10 recently sold for over $3,000 at an eBay auction. Even brand new ungraded cards are gonna cost you at least $1,500 if you’re serious about the endeavor. Truly one of the most valuable YuGiOh cards of 2022.


Dark Magician Girl 

dark magician girl most valuable yugioh cards

(New Prices on eBay)

One of the most popular YuGiOh cards for serious investors. The 1st editions are easily gonna bring in $2,000. The card has so much staying power even newer edition cards can sell for at least $500. A mainstay. By the way, the rare Magician Force variation has a value approaching $3,000. Gulp.


Rainbow Dragon 

rainbow dragon

(New Prices on eBay)

Perhaps not as intimidating as the other dragons we’ve encountered so far but a true force of nature nevertheless. There’s a rare misprint floating around that seems to be selling between $2,000 and $3,000. Additionally, a 2007 1st Editon PSA 9 recently went of nearly $1,000. Dragon power.


Dark Magician 

most valuable dark magician yugioh card

(New Prices on eBay)

Nowhere near as popular as its Dark Magician Girl counterpart, it still makes the list as one of the most valuable Yugioh cards sold in 2020. Just recently a grade 10 recently sold for over $2,3o0. However, they don’t seem to pop up all that often so if you see one, you know what to do.


2004 Shoen Jump Champion Cyber-Stein 

jump cyber

(New Prices on eBay)

This gruesome fellow is a Champion and he’s not afraid to let you know it. He’s also not afraid to demand a hefty price of anyone who wants him as a new member of their most valuable YuGiOh card collection. But just how hefty? As with all cards, it all comes down to condition. For instance, the card shown above sold for as high as $20,100 at a recent eBay auction. Meanwhile, a more beat-up version (BGS 8.5) only brought in $14,400. Still, not too bad for a full grade lower.


2002 Tournament Edition Morphing Jar 

(New Prices on eBay)

An eerie little card that causes both players to turn over their hands can’t be left off our Most Valuable YuGiOh Cards list. As you can see, the card features a crazy looking eye sitting on top of a sinister smile. Equipped with 700 attack and 600 defense, this little bugger is NOT to be taken lightly.

However, even more startling that its looks is the Morphing Jar’s extreme value. The BGS 9.5 shown here recently sold for well over $6,000. Just imagine what a perfect 10 would net. Safe to say you’re sitting pretty if you happen to own one of these that’s in good condition.


Are common Yugioh cards worth money?

Sure, everything has a price! That said, they are nowhere near as valuable as the ones on this list. While the monetary value is limited, for many players across the globe, they certainly have PLENTY of sentimental value. Just don’t expect 3 figures (or much of anything) when you list that common!


Our Favorites From the YuGiOh First Edition Card List

Ancient Lamp – This guy is is not only ancient but also a LAMP. Sounds like a winner to us all day long! While not the most valuable YuGIOh card by any means, certainly one that has captured the minds and hearts of fans throughout the decades. Must own!


Basic Insect – The name is a bit deceiving because there is nothing BASIC about this little critter. A scuzzy little guy with a knack for mischief and subversion. While we’re not sure how he stacks up in the actual game, we can’t help love the bottled up mayhem this basic insect represents.


Dark Hole – Not sure why they didn’t just call it a black hole as judging by the card photo that’s what YuGiOh is going for. At any rate, it’s hard to get any more powerful than the most unstoppable force in the universe. Watch out or this card could very well suck you past it’s event horizon!


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Most Valuable Yugioh Cards 2022: Tournament Black Luster Soldier

Ok, so this appears to be THE MOST valuable Yugioh card of all time. However, it’s not on the list because we don’t see that it’s been sold in 2020. If ever. However, we’ve heard reports that the card has been listed for sale for MILLIONS of dollars (take the Blue-Eyes Dragon). Apparently, it was an exclusive prize given away in the first-ever Yugioh tournament in 1999. But, don’t you have to sell it before you know how valuable it is? Come to think of it, the Blue-Eyes Dragon has an argument as the top card.


Our Favorites From the Yugioh First Edition Card List




Most Valuable YuGiOh Cards: Investment Ratings


First a disclaimer: We are by no means YuGiOh enthusiasts. At the same time, we have always been intrigued by this market. Very much so. Any collector’s item that can command pirces like these has to be taken seriously. At any rate, we have no skin in the game and do not plan on having any in the near future. That said, here is our two cents based on the limited knowledge we have. As you can tell by browsing the blog, we are primarily focused on investing in baseball, football, hockey, and basketball cards. So feel free to correct us where we’ve been wrong!


Short (Less than 1 year)

The cards we’ve listed seem to be industry stalwarts. Meaning, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. So given that, and judging by recent sales, this doesn’t appear to be a losing investment. Go with caution and watch the market. If you like what you see hold a bit longer. If not, cut your losses. It seems to be a game worth playing though (both in investing and just playing Yugioh in general!). 7/10

Medium (1 to 5 years)

The popularity of the game and other forms of Japanese media seems to be gaining traction in the US market over the past couple of decades. Not to mention the rise of Netflix is doing its part to boost the popularity of shows like Castlevania (although we much prefer the video games). If you’re making a medium term play you’re hoping that trend continues over the next 5 years. And it very well may. 8/10

Long (5 years plus)

If you’re holding for the long haul you’ve gotta be hoping this thing becomes a true rival to Pokemon. If such a thing happens, you’ll be sitting pretty. Will it? We have ZERO clue and wouldn’t tie up our money waiting to find out. Just be glad to get out with some profits in the short to medium term. But like we said earlier, we focus on sports cards so please take it all with a massive grain of salt (preferably pink Himalayan). 2/10



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