Najee Harris Rookie Card (Early Releases & Pricing)

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najee harris rookie card


Thinking about picking up a Najee Harris rookie card? You’re certainly far from the first person who’s had that idea. With a monster senior year and first-round draft pick status, the young running back out of Alabama is poised to follow in the footsteps of Mark Ingram, Derrick Henry, and other running backs who have been prepped for NFL success by the Crimson Tide.

As we just said, Najee Harris’ senior season was a masterclass. That year he picked up 1466 yards on the ground across 251 carries in addition to 30 TDs and capped out his season with a 24 carry 136-yard performance to help Alabama topple Michigan 35-16 in the 2020 Citrus Bowl. And it wasn’t only the 2020 season where Harris shined. In 2019 he had 1224 yards rushing on 209 carries along with 20 total TDs. In other words, there is NO DOUBT that Najee Harris made a huge impact during his time in Alabama.

Another big game where Harris delivered the goods was in a crucial week 4 SEC battle against Georgia. That game saw Najee Harris lead Alabama to a 41-24 victory by totaling 152 yards on 31 carries. And let’s not forget about the performance of all performances where Najee rushed for 178 total yards on 31 carries and found the end zone 5 times in Alabama’s 52-46 win over Florida in the 2020 SEC Championship. The point is, this kid knows how to get it done when it counts. And if you know how to get it done when it counts, it’d be a good move to consider picking up at least 1 Najee Harris rookie card before the season begins. Here are a few of his first releases that we have our eyes on!



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Najee Harris Rookie Card Top 3


2021 Pro Set (Buy on eBay)

najee harris rookie card pro set

The card’s light green layout at the top and bottom gives the card a very vintage look to compliment a picture that offers a very clear reason why Najee Harris only lost 1 fumble in his college career. Just look at that grip! Even the hardest hit from an opposing NFL linebacker is going to have a hard time jarring the ball loose from those clutches. Who knows, applying so much pressure to his grip on the football may be a part of the reason he has those Holk Hogan-like pythons. The autographed versions with a print run of 99 are going for between $200 and $300 at the moment and we’re expecting that price to continue to rise as we get closer to week 1.


2021 Panini Contenders (Buy on eBay)

najee harris rookie card ticket

The College Ticket autographed card is going to be the most popular from this collection in terms of high-value plays. If you’re looking to go big seek out a low number Prizm like the Gold version with a print run of just 10. However, if you’re just looking for a layup hone in on a base card or one of the various inserts.


2021 Panini Prizm Draft (Buy on eBay)

We LOVE the Najee Harris rookie card featured above as it harnesses the ever-popular “Down Town” insert made by Donruss.  Either way, this is the insert to target from this set if you’re in the mood for something different. However, there are plenty of affordable Prizm and autograph version of the base card if you’re looking for something a little more standard issue. Hard to go wrong here regardless of what you end up deciding on.


2017 Leaf Army (Buy on eBay)

najee harris rookie card

Unlike the last card on our list, this one has a far from vintage feel with its reflective surface and wild color pattern. The picture features Najee Harris playing in the U.S Army All American Bowl waiting for the snap. Given his outstanding college career, this card could be seen as the prequel to an exciting journey. Of course, there are a few different image variations so if you’re not feeling the bling check out the others.

As far as values go, you’ll need to pick up an autographed Najee Harris rookie card from this set if you want any skin in the game as even those are usually available for less than $150. However, if you’re looking for something more casual consider a non-auto version for under $10.


Najee Harris Rookie Card Runner Up


2021 Panini Legacy (Buy on eBay)


Panini Legacy is a great card but it really doesn’t carry the notoriety as the other two on the list. However, we felt it deserved some love as there are plenty of great budget Najee Harris rookie cards in the set. The card above has a reflective exterior that serves to make Najee Harris’s movement come to life as he’s juking an unfortunate defender in what appears to be a primetime game. Thus, it is quite appropriate that the header of the card is entitled “Under The Lights”.  The rarer parallels are going for right around $50 so this card makes a great addition for casual investors. However, if you’re looking to step it up check out the Mac Jones/Najee Harris Futures card as some of the most valuable are approaching $500.



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Najee Harris Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

Najee Harris will very little competition for playing time come to the start of his rookie season and we’re expecting him to be “the guy” in Pittsburg’s backfield. On top of that, the Steelers are known for asking more from their lead back than just about any other team in the league. So with the playing time and overall touches seemingly a given, the only thing left to worry about is Harris’ ability and the Steeler’s new offensive scheme. Let’s just say we’re more skeptical of the new scheme and the suspect Pittsburgh offensive line than of Harris’ talent. 7/10


Medium (1 to 3 years)

We can’t help but like the idea of the prices Harris’ cards will be valued at a few years down the road. If he ends up performing like the Rookie of the Year candidate he’s neing billed as you’ll need to make a hard decision on whether to sell or hold out for even bigger gains. 7/10


Long (N/A)



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