Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Market: Room to Grow?

Patrick Mahomes rookie card National Treasures

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When thinking about buying a Patrick Mahomes rookie card, the first thing you need to consider is growth. Whether it be short term or long term, the markets ability to grow should always be at the top of your considerations. When it comes to short and long with Patrick Mahomes, both seem like good options. But which is the better strategy? We’ll give our two cents on the matter but before we go into that, let’s sum up what Mahomes has done to build his rookie card market to the astronomical levels it’s currently sitting at.


Patrick Mahomes:  The Story So Far


When we think of the greatest quarterback in football history, a few names come to mind: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Rich Gannon.  Okay, the Gannon was an attempt at humor.  We hope that was apparent enough but you never know! There’s no question that these three are some of the best to ever play don’t think so and there is one player in the National Football Don’t look now, but it seems there could be a forth on that list in the near future.

That player is Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback may only be 25 but if his trend continues, you’ll soon find it hard to leave the name Mahomes out of that conversation. For instance, Mahomes is the fastest player to reach 10,000 yards passing in NFL history. Additionally, he’s already got a Super Bowl ring along with a couple of MVP awards (regular season and Super Bowl). And let’s not forget the First-Team All-Pro selection, NFL Offensive Player of the Year nod, and two Pro Bowl selections. Let that sink in.

In his first season as a starting QB, Mahomes threw 50 touchdowns with just 12 interceptions. Those 50 TDs were good for the league lead and so were his 5,097 passing yards and 8.8 yards per attempt. And the only season he hasn’t won a Super Bowl in his short career he was able to take his team to the AFC title game before losing to the eventual champions, New England Patriots. All of this leads us to believe that Mahomes will be a star for many years to come. But does that make a Patrick Mahomes rookie card play a slam dunk? Yes and no. We’ll explain but let’s check out some we have our eyes on.



Our Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Hot List



2017 Panini Prizm (Buy it on eBay)

Patrick Mahomes rookie card prizm

Easily one of the most sought-after Patrick Mahomes cards. This card features Mahomes in his Kansas City Chiefs home uniform and of course, has that great Prizm look. And what we mean by that is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. If you can find one of these for a good price, we suggest looking into it!


2017 Panini Origins (Buy this Patrick Mahomes rookie card on eBay)

Panini Origins

This particular card features Mahomes with the pigskin in his hand donning a 00 jersey in front of a red and yellow background. However, there are plenty of different variations in this set with a wide range of values. So whether you’re a big spender or a cautious newcomer, Panini Orginins offers something for all Patrick Mahomes rookie card market investors. The card is simple, elegant, and has an overall clean look.


2017 Panini Contenders (Like it? Find it on eBay!)


While the prices on some of the rarest from the set are through the roof, there are plenty out there that are more affordable. So just like the Origins set, Panini Contenders attracts a wide range of investors. And there’s also a wide array of cards. Fancy horizontal card? No problem. Like your cards with autographs? This set has that too. Overall just a well-rounded set of football cards.


2017 National Treasures (Buy on eBay)

National Treasures

If you’re looking for some of the most valuable Patrick Mahomes rookie cards options, this set is the one you need to be focused on.  Most of the ridiculously valuable variations are laid out in a horizontal format, but you’ll be able to find the occasional vertical oddball.  A great set to consider if you’re considering a long term investment.



Honorable Mention: Patrick Mahomes Leaf Rookie Card Collection

Patrick Mahomes Leaf rookie card

Let’s face it, many cards from the sets we’ve already mentioned aren’t suitable for the casual collector. Sure, all of the sets have some Patrick Mahomes rookie cards you can pick up on the cheap. BUT, those are the most basic of basic. Now Leaf, on the other hand, offers some Mahomes rookie options that are both rare AND affordable. For instance, the Leaf Patrick Mahomes Prized Purple card sold for under $1,000 around the start of the 2020 season. It was also 1 of only 5 made with NONE GRADED HIRE. So if you don’t want to pay the absurd dollars for a Patrick Mahomes rookie card, turn to Leaf!





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Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short Term

The Chiefs are looking great again and it Mahomes looks like he hasn’t missed a beat. Meaning there could easily be a 2nd MVP or Super Bowl in the future.  However, Mahomes and the Chiefs have such high expectations at this point that anything less than a repeat could limit your Short Term profits. Due to that, this our least favorite strategy. 9/10


Medium Term

We really like this option as Mahomes is in a system he has become familiar with and has an offense loaded with talent. Both very good reasons why more Super Bowls are coming within the next few years. 9.5/10


Long Term

We rarely like a long-term investment on such a young player but it’s different with Mahomes. Right now it looks like Mahomes will be the top quarterback in this league for a long time to come. And if that’s the case, who knows how many championships are on the way. Can he challenge Brady for Super Bowl titles by the time it’s all said and done? Quite possible. We’ve never seen a quarterback accomplish so much this earlier in his career which makes us incredibly confident in the long-term Patrick Mahomes rookie card market. 10/10