Rob Gronkowski Rookie Card Guide: 5 Best Options

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rob gronkowski rookie card


Looking to celebrate his comeback with a Rob Gronkowski rookie card? Seeing how he has been one of the biggest names in the NFL over the last decade, that seems like a good idea. Want more good reasons? The man has 3 Super Bowls, almost 8,000 receiving yards, and 5 pro bowl appearances. Talk about some ROI for Bill Belichick who decided to take a chance on him in just the second round of the draft. Speaking of ROI, here are 5 Gronk rookie cards that might end you quite a bit of that!



Random thought of the day: What is it with tight ends turning into absolute party animals the minute they get their first taste of success in the NFL??



Our Rob Gronkowski Rookie Card “Comeback Bundle”


Gronk’s rookie season was in 2010 and was pretty impressive for his first go-round. He played in all 16 regular-season games, catching 42 passes for 546 yards to help his New England side to reach the playoffs. Oh, and he scored 10 touchdowns, making him the first rookie tight end in the modern NFL era to do so.


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Gronk has 30 rookie cards so it can be easy to get bogged down in which ones are actually sought after. But never fear, we’ve just rounded up 5 of the best. Here we go!


2010 Topps Triple Thread (Buy this Rob Gronkowski rookie card on eBay)

rob gronkowski rookie card

Not the most popular, but our favorite nevertheless. The card is blasted with a full spectrum of colors and of course, has not 1, not 2, but a whopping 3 threads. As far as value goes, this is a middle of the road investment when compared to other Gronk rookie cards and sits around the $500 mark.


2010 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket #229 (Buy on eBay)

Playoff Contenders

This card has long been a popular rookie card that features Gronk on the left, the rookie ticket to the right, and his on-card signature to the bottom. There are two slightly different versions of this card. In the one shown Gronk is wearing a blue jersey, but the other features him in a white on. Other than that they are pretty much identical.

Both versions had a print run of 499, which makes them rare but with nearly 1,000 copies they do crop up semi-regularly.  In mint condition, they can be valued somewhere between $500 and $1,000.


2010 Topps Five Star Autograph Patch #42 (Buy it on eBay!)

Rob Gronkowski rookie card

This horizontally printed card has a very well-balanced look with Gronk on the left hauling in a reception. His monster on-card autograph takes center stage across the bottom. The circular patch may be a little small for some peoples liking but we happen to think it fits in well with the overall design.

This card had a short print run of just 99. That said, with the limited run and the captivating looks, this card seems to be a bargain. Ungraded versions have sold in recent months for as little as $200. Consider scooping one up and sending it to Beckett. Here’s to it coming back a 10!


2010 National Treasures Autograph Patch #329 (Buy on eBay)

Gronk Nat

This is another horizontally printed card, this one from National Treasures. It features Gronk on the left in a white Patriots jersey, and unlike with the Five Star card, the patch in this one is nice and big. Gronkowski’s autograph is located directly below the patch. A simple, yet valuable card.

There are 99 copies of this card and hold a value of around $1,500 for a gem mint. Ungraded copies are available for around $500.


2010 Topps Chrome Autograph #C112 (Buy this card on eBay)

2010 Topps chrome

The Topps Chrome set is always a go-to for collectors. The autographed Gronk version features the tight end in his dark blue Patriots uniform laying out a gargantuan stiff arm. The autograph is a stick-on rather than on the card which is one downside.

The base autograph version had a print run of 50 and is valued at around $800 to $1,200 in mint condition. As usual with this set, there are quite a few parallels that are less common and therefore will be more expensive when they are found on the open market.

By the way, if you’re looking for a bargain, there is also a whole other set of unsigned parallels, the base version which you can pick up for as little as $200 for a grade 10.



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Rob Gronkowski Rookie Card Score/Panini?? 

rob gronkowski rookie card score

Yep. Score took a shot at a Gronk rookie card but it’s not incredibly valuable, with even 10 grades going for well under $100. Probably why it was included on our list above. However, it’s a decent looking card if you like a toned-down appearance.

As far as Panini goes, the answer is YES. They’ve made plenty. For instance, Panini makes the National Treasures and Playoff Contender cards above. However, there are others that feature the Panini name front and center. For example, the Panini Certified rookie card of Gronk features a couple of patches along with an autograph. There’s also a pretty cool Panni Crown Royal card that’s worth looking into (despite its loud appearance!).


Is there a split Tom Brady Rookie Card of Rob Gronwkowsi??

Brady Gronk

We wish. However, some of Rob Gronkowski’s most valuable cards do feature the quarterback who made his career (and is still making it in a new city!). For instance, this year’s 2020 Panini Black and Panini Prizm cards have recently sold for more than many of the cards featured on this list. Yep, that’s what Brady can do for ya.

Going back even further, 2016 was also a year that featured some great cards with both Brady and Gronkowski. While these don’t seem to be on the level of the 2020 releases from Panini, they aren’t anything to scoff at. For example, the 2016 “Holy Grail” card from Panini recently sold for over $500. In addition to that, the Panini Flawless Gold Patch with both players raked in nearly $500.

Rob Gronkowski Rookie Card Investment Strategies


Short Term (Less than 1 year)

In 2018, Gronk announced his retirement from football but made a comeback in 2020 to join his old friend Tom Brady in. And guess what? They’re in first place. That just goes to show that with the duo of Gronk and Brady back together, anything is possible. Including a deep playoff run. If they manage such a feat, you should find an opportunity to sell for some very nice short term profits. 9/10

Medium Term (1 to 5 years)

We’re not nearly as high on this idea as a short or long-term play. For starters, both Gronk and Brady are getting up there in age so one could assume this may be their last shot at glory. Second of all, Gronk’s come back prologues his date with the Hall of Fame to the area of a long term play (over 5 years). 5/10

Long Term (5 plus years)

As we just said, Gronk is gonna end up in the Hall of Fame. And some believe he has what it takes to be on the first ballot. If that happens, your investment is going to be looking really good. Looking even further down the road, Gronk has enough accomplishments to be mentioned as one of the greatest tight ends to ever play. Add his larger than life persona and you have yourself the recipe for some steady long term appreciation.