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Top 3 Scottie Barnes Rookie Cards To Buy Right Now


Best Scottie Barnes Rookie Card Ever Made


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best scottie barnes rookie cards


The NBA appears to have a new star on its hands. One that has been described as a human energy drink. That alone seems like a decent enough reason to pick up a Scottie Barnes rookie card. In addition to the Red Bull-like energy on the court, the Raptors first-rounder also surprised some folks by winning the 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year award. And it also seems all but certain that Barnes isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.  These are all good things. For both Raptor fans and anyone who owns one of the best Scottie Barnes rookie cards. Speaking of those, let’s see find out what they are!


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3 Best Scottie Barnes Rookie Cards 



2021-22 Donruss Optic


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top 3 scottie barnes rookie cards

Often times Panini likes to save the best for last. Hence some of the most sought after collections are rolled out long after the first 2021-22 rookie cards hit the market. Donruss Optic certainly fits this description. When it comes to Scottie Barnes the set has no shortage of amazing inserts and rare Optics. In other words if you’re looking for the best Scottie Barnes rookie cards one of the first collections to check out should be Donurss Optic.


2021-22 Scottie Barnes Rookie Card Panini Crown Royale


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best scottie barnes rookie cards

What we like most about this set is the tried and true KABOOM! SSP. When it comes to style it simply cannot be matched. And few can match this card in value either with some of the higher grades going for well over $5,000. In addition to the SSP, Crown Royale offers some more affordable Scottie Barnes rookie card options that moderate to casual collectors can hone in on.


2021-22 Scottie Barnes Rookie Card Prizm


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best scottie barnes rookie card prizm

Overall Panini Prizm is the best collection for first year Scottie Barnes cards. Not only does it offer a dazzling style but it’s also famous for the quality it produces year in and year out. Whether you’re looking to spend thousands less than $100, there is a card here that should fit your budget.



Best Scottie Barnes Rookie Card Value Plays (Budget Buys)



2021-22 Panini Instant


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Panini’s first to market rookie collection delivers an “instant” look at the best players in the 2021 NBA Draft. And of course, Barnes is one of them. This is far from the best collection that Panini has to offer but it is the first. They’re also much more affordable than the cards that will be released over the following months so if you’re looking for an early-season low-risk play, hone in on one of these.


2021-22 Panini Chronicles


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scottie barnes rookie card

Easily the best Scottie Barnes rookie cards if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. If you’re confused as to why we’re showing a picture of a Donruss Optic card even though we listed Panini Chronicles it’s because Chronicles is an early release every year that previews all of the big-name collections that are on the way. So in addition to that sweet Optics card above, you’ll find a variety of other Panini brands. Talk about covering all the bases! Anyways, prices are still cheap with many of the top-selling cards so far going for less than $100. Just imagine what those prices turn into if he makes a run at ROY.


2021 Onyx Authenticated 


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scottie barnes rookie card onyx

Anyone with a flair for retro can thank their lucky stars that Onyx Authenticated remains steadfast in their efforts to provide a card that shies away from the modern glitz and glam we often see in their modern card collecting industry. In addition to the throw back vibe, Onyx also provides a set that is incredibly affordable. For instance, even ungraded Scottie Barnes rookie cards from this collection are available for well under $100. Looking to spend even less? No problem! Grab one of the base cards for just a few bucks. A clear no-brainer for the thrifty collector with a taste for that classic card look.


Scott Barnes College Basketball Performance


If you’re thinking about buying a Scottie Barnes rookie card, it helps to be aware of how the kid did in college. While he was a classic one and done at Flordia State, Barnes did show some flashes of the player he could become. Just take a look at this highlight reel!

As far as the numbers go, Barnes averaged just over 10 points and 4 assists per game with an average of exactly 4 rebounds. Nothing eye-popping. However, his mixed set of tools had scouts drooling all season long so it’d be a mistake to dismiss the Raptors first-round pick based on his lone college season. We have a feeling you’ll see why in the upcoming months.



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Best Scottie Barnes Rookie Cards: Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

We love this idea as the Rookie of the Year winner Barnes will no longer be overshadowed by bigger names such as first overall pick Cade Cunningham. On top of that we wouldn’t be surprised to see Barnes take his game to the next level over the course of the year. If so you’ll do quite well on your short-term investment.


Medium (1 to 3 years)

The Raptors are on the rebuild and plan to make Barnes the focus of their efforts. If he is indeed the one who leads them on a deep playoff run you’ll be glad you held onto your card and passed up on short-term profits. The question is can he do it in just a few years? It’s a riskier strategy but it could pay off BIG.


Long (3 years plus)