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Did you wake up this morning with an uncanny urge to invest in a Shaq rookie card? Perhaps you should follow that bizarre urge. Why you ask? Because let’s face it, Shaquille O’Neal is a larger than life character (both figuratively and literally). Whether it’s winning 4 NBA Championships or posing as a “Shaq Statue” for fans in Harvard Square, the man knows how to keep the people talking. And that’s precisely why his rookie cards should remain HIGHLY collectible for a long time to come. That and the fact that he was really good at basketball. So, why don’t we find out which Shaq rookie card choices are out there waiting to be added to the ole’ sports card portfolio!


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The Shaq Rookie Card “Big Foot” Bargain List



1992-1993 Classic Draft Picks (Buy this Shaq rookie card on eBay)

Shaq Rookie Card Classic

One that often goes overlooked when it comes to Shaquille O’Neal rookie cards.  The card features a young Shaq from his LSU days hanging by the rim in the signature Shaquille slam dunk pose (the one that makes you feel sorry for that poor rim!).  Overlooked or not, this one should be in your collection ASAP!


1992-1993 Classic Draft Picks Yellow Jersey

Classic Yellow

Just like the previous card from the same set, this one features a young Shaq in the process of absolutely punishing the rim. The number doesn’t match up but that certainly looks like Grant Hill in the background. Whoever it is, you can tell they are in awe of Shaqs power.


1992-1993 Classic Draft Picks Gold

shaq rookie card gold

Another Shaq rookie card from Classic Draft Picks. It seems these guys were trying to print as many of this guy as possible. And who could blame them? Everyone knew he was going to be an all-time great. At any rate, this one gets its name from the classic gold stripe along its right edge. Unfortunately, you don’t see this variation pop up too often but when it does, it can be just as valuable as the two we just listed.


1992-1993 Stadium Club “Beam Team” (Buy on eBay)

Shaq Stadium Beam Team Rookie Card

This is a very popular card that you should have no problem selling or buying at auction. The only question is can you come up with the dough? In addition to being one of the most popular it’s also one of the most valuable Shaq rookie cards.  Especially, if it’s a 9 or above on the grading scale.  The card also gains collectibility points for being part of the first set of Stadium Club ever released for basketball cards (those tree sap-smelling baseball cards took the industry by storm the year before).


1992-1993 Upper Deck (Buy this Shaq rookie card on eBay)

Upper Deck

The names Upper Deck carried a massive amount of weight in the early nineties.  So it only makes sense to have a card that features the massive amount of weight that is Shaquille O’Neal blasting into the air for a patented Shaq slam dunk.


1992-1993 Topps (Find Bargain on eBay)

Shaq Rookie Card - Topps

Arguably the most collectible of all Shaq rookie cards, the 1992-1993 Topps version features a “hungry” Shaq posted up under the rim.  Clearly the man wants the rock (just take a look at that massive outstretched hand/arm combo!).  It’s hard to tell who’s guarding him but you can only assume that, whoever it was, they never stood a chance!


1992-1993 Classic 4 Sport (Buy on eBay)

Classic 4 Sport

Just like the Classic Draft Picks Shaq rookie card, this one also shows O’Neal in his college uniform.  However, it’s a bit tamer and replaces the rim-bending dunk with a more passive put-back.  Put-back or not, one thing’s clear:  a gem mint of this card should be a superstar of your portfolio (especially if you get one with an autograph!).


1992-1993 Fleer Ultra Rejector


Just a pick of Shaq screaming “get that ball outta my house!” Or at least we assume that’s a photo of a block. Why else why they name it Rejectors? It looks more like a rebound, honestly. Enough digression. This is an action-packed card that’s incredibly affordable when compared to some of the others on this list. Sure you’re not gonna buy a new car with the profits, but it sure is a great conversation piece.




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Shaq Rookie Card Investment Rating:  Blue Chip


He’s a legend, a Hall of Famer, has multiple NBA Championships, and likes to pose as a statue for his fans. We have no choice but to rate this as a blue-chip investment. Just like the movie he was in! Look, Shaquille O’Neal is clearly one of the few players who TRANSCENDS THE SPORT. And when it comes to this sport, in particular, there appears to be a bit of a resurgence when it comes to card collecting.

Whether it’s the 3 NBA Finals MVPs, the 34 straight double-doubles, 7 All-Star Team selections, 11 straight 30 point games, or his stature as a top-ten all-time NBA scorer, Shaq has pretty much done it all (we’ll just turn a blind eye to that atrocious free-throw shooting).

So anytime a player is this accomplished, there’s one thing that’s for certain. His rookie cards will remain a sought after collector’s item for the foreseeable future. So buy with confidence knowing that Shaqs credentials aren’t going anywhere and neither is the appeal of his collectibles!