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5 Best UFC Fighter Cards To Buy Right Now


Best UFC Fighter Card To Buy Right Now


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best ufc fighter cards


In both the worlds of collecting and competitive sports, the UFC can no longer be ignored. And while the sport has reached a decent level of maturity in the latter, the UFC is still in its infancy when it comes to trading cards.

For instance, the UFC card market is completely dwarfed by the likes of each the baseball, football, and basketball card markets. But perhaps not for long. With the growing popularity of MMA, it’s only a matter of time before the UFC trading card market catches up. And anytime you have the opportunity to ride the wave of a growing collector’s market you’d be wise to jump on ASAP. Therefore we strongly suggest that you consider owning at least one of the following Top 5 UFC Fighter cards BEFORE the market goes mainstream!


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Top 5 UFC Fighter Cards on the Planet


2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Conor McGregor


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top 5 ufc fighter cards

While McGregor is by no means the fighter he once was, it should come as no surprise that his rookie card makes the list. His once dominants fighting style and over the top showmanship have no doubt cemented his place as one of the legends of the sport. And speaking of legends, it doesn’t get anymore legendary than his 2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines card. It’s legendary to say the least.

When it comes to pricing you’ll find a wide array of values based on the card’s condition and autograph status. For example, an autographed version of the card graded as a PSA 10 will set you back north of $7,000. Meanwhile, you should be able to pick up some of the more common McGregor rookies cards in the collection for just a couple hundred bucks. Either way it’s an investment that should pay some very nice dividends in the long term. And perhaps even in the short term.


2022 Panini Prizm Paddy Pimblett


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hottest ufc fighter cards

Sure, the name of the card may be hard to say after a handful of brews at the local sports bar. However, it’s certainly not hard to see why it’s one of the best UFC fighter cards out there. The Englishmen has been unstoppable since transitioning to the UFC and has become a breakout star after a controversial win over Jared Gordon. Expect that trajectory to continue.

While he may not have legacy of the first man on the list, Paddy is a fighter who’s in his prime. And people are starting to take notice. If you’re in the mood for a more speculative investment it’s hard to think of a hotter UFC fighter rookie card than the 2022 Panini Prizm Paddy Pimblett.


2009 Topps Joe Rogan


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ufc fighter cards joe rogan

Nobody familiar with the sport can deny Rogan’s contribution to the UFC. And now that he’s become even more influential outside of the world of MMA, this card has become even more coveted. So much so that even a PSA grade 8 has sold for more than $400 in recent months. While we can’t technically classify it as a UFC fighter card, generally speaking it’s still one of the best UFC cards to buy in 2023. And beyond for that matter.


2019 Topps UFC Chrome Alexander Volkanovski


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best ufc fighter cards to buy

Volkanovski suffered his second defeat after moving up a weight class to challenge Makhachev for UFC pound for pound supremacy. However, he more than held his own in the fight. On top of that, many still believe Alexander to be the best in the sport. While this argument remains up in the air one thing’s for certain. Anyone who owns this Volkanovski rookie card will be one happy camper if he wins the inevitable rematch. Very happy.


2009 Topps UFC Jon Jones


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Many Consider Jones to be the best UFC fighter of all time. Therefore, his famous autographed card from the 2009 Topps collection is no doubt one of the best UFC fighter cards to buy right now. For both long term and short term investors.

If you’re thinking long term it’s pretty easy to see why this is a great investment as Jones has a legacy that’ll continue well after his retirement. Meanwhile, short term investors should see a nice pop if Jones wins his upcoming fight against Ciyrl Gane. Just beware, Gane is NO JOKE.


Best UFC Fighter Cards To Buy Honorable Mention


2013 Topps Finest Ronda Rousey


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ronda rousey ufc fighter card

While perhaps not the greatest female UFC fighter of all time, it’s hard to say that any have done better at popularizing the sport. Therefore, Rousey’s legacy will make her 2013 RC from Topps Finest a collector’s item with true long term staying power.

In addition to the rare cards that include an autograph, there are plenty of more moderately priced editions from the collection that should not be overlooked.