Top Basketball Card Brands of 2021 (Prices & Best Cards)

Top Basketball Card Brands of 2021 #1 Pick: Panini Prizm

top basketball card brands 2021



With basketball cards emerging as one of the most popular in the industry, you should certainly know what the top basketball card brands are before investing your money. While much of the “best brand” argument comes down to personal opinion, there are 3 tried and true collections that seem to stand out above the rest. As far as both popularity and value. While each brand is unique in its own way, all three have become industry staples over the years.

So are you ready to find out what the top basketball card brands of 2021 are? We thought so! Let’s take a look.


Top Basketball Card Brands of 2021


Panini Prizm (Check Price)

2020-21 Panini Prizm Basketball

Year after year these cards never cease to fail to live up to the lofty expectations of fans from all across the world. What makes them so special is the numerous variants such as signatures with values in the tens of thousands of dollars to standard base cards that anyone can pick up for a couple of bucks. And let’s not forget about those beautiful Prizm parallels! Popular players over the past couple of years include Zion Williamson and Kobe Bryant. Additionally, Lamelo Ball and Anthony Edwards are the latest rookies to take the league by storm so make sure to look for these two as you rip those packs open.


Panini Select (Check Price)

top basketball card brands 2021 select

Panini Prizm and Panini Select are very similar in many ways. Just like Prizm, these cards are designed to have mass public appeal. The many different inserts, image variations, and Prizm colors provide something for just about every collector’s taste. And also just like Prizm, Select offers a wide variety of high-end autographed cards of all of your favorite veterans and rookies alike. We’ll give the edge to Prizm when it comes to overall popularity but Select seems to be closing the gap in recent years.


National Treasures (Check Price)

Last but not least we have the National Treasures. These are more valuable overall when compared to the other two we’ve listed as the set is far more limited and contains cards with incredibly short print runs like those lucrative 1/1 Logomans! If you scrounge up enough cash to afford a box your chances of getting a high-end card are much, much higher than your average pack of cards.


Crown Royal (Check Price)

top basketball card brands 2021 crown

In the world of basketball cards, it’d be a mistake to forget the name Crown Royal. Thanks to Panini, it’s an officially licensed trading card of the NBA so you know you’re getting a brand with some weight behind. Especially so for this rare and stunning collection. Firm and flashy, the set offers just about everything you could want in a basketball card brand. Rare parallels, top rookies, unique inserts – it’s all there. A true rival to National Treasures for that is no doubt one of the top basketball card brands of 2021.


Top Basketball Card Brands 2021 New Release: Donruss Optic

A new arrival just ahead of the 2021-22 regular season is the much awaited Donruss Optic collection. The set features a great line of stunning parallels such as the Blue Prizm Anthony Edwards rookie card shown above. As far as values go, make no mistake this is a high end collection. For instance, the Blue Prizm we just mentioned is worth well over $1,000.

In addition to high-end values, the cards also have a high-end feel. A firm and shiny exterior lends itself perfectly to the the dazzling designs seen on the cards. If you’ve had your fill of Panini Prizm, go ahead and check out Donruss Optic. There’s a whole lot to like. Especially when you see that Rated Rookie logo pop up as you’re opening a fresh pack!



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Top Basketball Card Brands Hobby Box Details


Panini Prizm (Check Price)

If you have an extra $1,400 laying around you can pick up your very own hobby box. While that price may seem high, it can very well be worth it with the 2 autographs and 22 Prizms you’ll pull per box on average. As far as pack configuration goes, there are 12 packs per box and 12 cards per pack.


Panini Select (Check Price)

These will run you around $1,200 and include just 5 packs per box. Within those 5 packs expect to find 12 cards with an average of 3 autographs and 12 Prizms per box.


National Treasures (Check Price)

Okay, here’s where things get REALLY crazy. Remember how we told you that this is an incredibly limited collection? Well, that shows in the price as these will run you around $3,700 for a hobby box. And know what’s even crazy? There is only ONE PACK per box. So with only 10 cards in a pack, you’re paying something around $370 per card. Pull one of those 1/1 Logoman cards we talked about earlier and you’ll forget about that $3,700 you paid really quick.



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Top Basketball Card Brands 2021: Cards to Look for In Each Set


2020-21 Panini Prizm Lebron James Kobe Tribute (Check Price)

top basketball card brands 2021

One of the hottest basketball cards of the year, Lebron’s high-flying dunk tribute to Kobe has collectors coming out in droves. Prices vary but some of the most expensive are valued at well over $5,000. Don’t let deter you though as there’s plenty of moderate to casual investment options in that $100 to $1,000 range.


2020-21 Panini Select Anthony Edwards (Check Price)


We like many others are anxiously awaiting the day the Anthony Edwards rookie cards from Panini Select hit the open market. Expect to see a wide variety of prices with many of the autographs and Prizm varieties selling for thousands of dollars right off the bat. While the regular base cards will certainly be cheaper, they make for fine investment options as even those will have decent value.


2020-21 National Treasures Lamelo Ball (Check Price)

ball top basketball card brands 2021


 The amount that some of the LaMelo Ball rookie cards from this collection are going to be worth will make your jaw drop to the floor. That’s just the way it goes with National Treasures Basketball. Regardless of what LaMelo card you get from this set, it’s going to hold some value. The question is will it hold enough value to outweigh the insane price you paid for that box?


2021 Crown Royale Luka Doncic KABOOM! (Check Price)

When it comes to inserts, it doesn’t get any better than Crown Royale’s KABOOM! And when it comes to basketball players, it’s hard to imagine one with a brighter future than Doncic. This card is an SSP and holds significant value. Perfect for anyone looking to make a long-term investment in Luka. Other amazing options from this collection include Crown Jewel Signatures, Heirs to the Throne, and Silhouettes.