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Top Football Card Brands 2022 (Review & Upcoming Releases)


Top Football Card Brands 2022: Top Pick


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top football card brands 2022

Now that we’re well into the new year it’s time to turn an eye towards the future with our Top Football Card Brands 2022 list. And with an exciting 2021 NFL season behind us, we for one cannot wait for another year of big brands, big names, and even bigger releases.

If you’re worried that 2022 can’t possible match what we saw in 2021, don’t be. Thanks to some big delays from what were supposed to be last year’s releases there is still PLENTY to be excited about in the months ahead. Not only from the eventual release of the first 2022 collections but from the much awaited arrival of two of the top sets from 2021. Let’s take a look!



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Top Football Card Brands 2022


2021 Panini Prizm 


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While the delay of Panini’s top football card brand was certainly  frustrating, we prefer to look at the matter from a glass half full perspective. Afterall, if the Panini Prizm would have been released on time we wouldn’t be getting this mid-2022 treat just in time for the summer. As you can see from the card above, Panini will once again be brining back the ever coveted (and ever elusive) Color Blast SSP insert. On top of that, Prizm is also brining back the fan favorite Stained Glass SSP which rivals Color blast in terms of both style and value.

In addition to the inserts, Panini Prizm is also set to drop a massive base set of 440 cards that’ll be loaded with all of the league’s top veterans and rookies alike. And let’s no forget about the Prizm varieties! Silver Prizms will be the most common while some of the rarer colors include the Camo, Red Wave, Gold, and the goofily-named Purple Power Prizm. Last but not least, there will be plenty of autographs to sink your teeth into as usual. The set should hit the shelves sometime in May 2022 barring any further set backs so get ready for some sweet, sweet action.


2021 Panini Select 


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panini select top football card brands 2022

If you’ve read our take on Panini Brands before, you know we have a tough time deciding which we like best Prizm or Select. Both brands are industry stalwarts with the latter making a push for the former’s throne in recent years. That said, we still favor Prizm by the narrowest of margins. Will 2022 change that? Quite possibly.

The 2022 Panini Select looks AMAZING to put it lightly. Just take a look at that snakeskin Phenomenon insert above and try to convince us you’re not pumped. Crickets, just like we thought! Anyways, inserts like these aren’t the only thing we’re excited about here. The base set is broken down into 4 “concourses” each with a different level of scarcity. Each will have a different design, and better yet, each will feature a different line up of Prizms. With variety like this we soon may be signing a different tune on the Prizm vs Select debate.



Top Football Card Brands 2022: Early Releases


2022 Panini Prizm Draft 


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top football card brands 2022 early release

We’ve recently received a brief preview from Panini about what to expect from the 2022 Panini Prizm Draft collection that’ll feature the upcoming 2022 NFL draft picks. And by what we’re seeing it’s hard not to be excited. Just take a look at that Brilliance insert above. The black background and cool metallic colors will certainly make this one of the year’s favorites. In addition to the Brilliance, keep your eyes open for the Hype, Prizmatic, and Prizm Break varieties.

Even more than these cool inserts, what you’ll be hoping to find in your pack are those elusive Prizms and autographs. Or better yet a card that features both! What type of Prizm and how often one will show up depends if you’re going with a standard or hybrid hobby box. Meanwhile, expect to see plenty of autographs from the new crop of rookies that’ll end up being the hottest items as we roll into the 2022 season. Oh, and by the way the cards you’ll want to find more than anything are the Color Blast and Stained Glass SSPs. Yep, they’ll be in the mix once again. Music to our ears!



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Other Top Football Card Brands of 2022:


Going by what we saw from the 2021 Panini Football roll out we’d expect these collection to arrive not long after the 2022 Panini Prizm Draft collection. The first two on the list should focus on the recent draft picks and feature them in their college uniforms. Meanwhile, the latter two should be some of the first arrivals that feature the rookies in their brand new NFL uniforms. Of course, you’ll also see the leagues top veterans in the mix in all 4 sets.


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  • 2022 Panini Flawless Collegiate
  • 2022 Gold Standard
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