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Top 10 Football Cards Worth Money 2022 & 2021

Top Football Cards Worth Money 2022 & 2021

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top football cards worth money 2022 & 2021

Now that 2021 and 2022 are mostly in the rear view mirror, it’s always fun to take a glance back at some of the year’s heaviest hitters. And to truly hit hard, there’s one factor that is of the upmost importance. MONEY. So what were the top football cards worth money in 2022 & 2021? The answer isn’t as easy as it seems so we’ll break it down to a few different categories to help compare apples to apples. Whatever fruit you like to use as a comparison, rest assured there will be ZERO lemons on the following list! Let’s get down to it.



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Top Football Cards Worth Money 2022 & 2021: The Young Guns



Mac Jones 


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top football cards worth money 2022 & 2021 mac

When it comes to NFL rookies in 2021, Mac Jones is the clear cut winner here. He’s done all the Patriots could have asked for from their first round pick and is poised to make a deep run in the playoffs. While his cards are already quite valuable, this could push them up even further.

As far as money goes, some have already sold for north of $10,000! Not bad considering some of the most valuable sets haven’t even hit the shelves yet. The card above is a preview of the upcoming Panini Select collection pulled out of the Chronicles Draft Pick set. It’s got a print run of just 25 and is a must buy for anyone looking to dump some cash into a Mac Jones rookie card investment before the playoffs begin.



Kenny Pickett


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kenny pickett rookie card


When it comes to the latest batch of NFL rookies, Kenny Pickett leads the way. Sure, he’s doesn’t come with the excitement as that of the 2021 rookie QB class. However, he doesn’t share the lofty expectations either. Which could be a good thing.

If Pickett can seize control of the starter role and run with it, WATCH OUT. Chances are you’ll be making truck loads of cash if you bought earlier enough in the season. Specifically if you bought before he became a successful NFL starting QB. Just think about how much green you’d be rolling in if you would have picked up the unheralded Tom Brady rookie card when he was playing back up to Drew Bledsoe. Talk about fear of missing out!



Ja’Marr Chase 


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chase kaboom 2022 & 2021 worth money

It only makes sense that the 2021 Offensive Rookie of the Year makes our Top Football Cards Worth Money 2021 list. Even if he’s not a quarterback. While non-QB positions often go over looked, Chases on field success and amazing Super Bowl run sure sent shockwaves through the collecting industry. His cards have been hot commodities all throughput the season and we don’t see thing slowing down anytime in the near future. Especially with Burrow feeding him the pig skin.



Justin Herbert 


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Last season’s Rookie of the Year winner counts as a rookie on our Top Football Cards Worth Money 2022 & 2021 list as he was on the field as a first year player in 2021. Even if for only one game. At any rate, Herbert has shown no signs of slowing down in year two and neither have the prices of his football cards. For instance, the card shown above recently sold for more than $75,000. Take a moment to wrap your head around that one. If you think that sounds like a lot (it is), just imagine what his cards will be worth once he starts winning Super Bowls.



Joe Burrow 


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Just like Herbert, Burrow saw plenty of on field success in 2021. Even if the season was shortened by an untimely injury. To say he bounced back nicely would be a drastic understatement. As you know, Burrow led the Bengals to their first playoff win in ages and also was a few questionable holding calls away from a Super Bowl victory. We fully expect Joe to go back and win it all in the very near future. As do many other hobbyists. Therefore, it’s no surprise Joe makes the list.



Top Football Cards Worth Money 2022 & 2021: The Superstars



Tom Brady 


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brady top football cards worth money 2022 & 2021

When it comes to NFL superstars we needn’t say more than Tom Brady. Brady answered the final question of whether he could bring home a title without Belichick by winning a Super Bowl in his first year with Tampa. Something that made his legendary status almost seem more like a work of fiction. Another thing that seems like a work of fiction is the values some of his cards are worth. In March of 2021, his most valuable card ,the 2000 Playoff Contenders rookie, sold for over ONE MILLION. And that was for a BGS 8 grade. If you don’t have a cool mil to spend consider the card above. That one will only set you back around $150,000!



Patrick Mahomes 


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While we don’t see the justice in the man who LOST the Super Bowl going on to set a record for the most valuable football card of all-time, that’s exactly what happened. In July of 2021, PWCC purchased a variation of the the card above for a mind-boggling $4.3 million. Not that Mahomes doesn’t deserve it as he could very well end up challenging Brady for Super Bowl wins at some point in his career. At any rate, Mahomes should enjoy it while he can as it’s only a matter of time before Brady takes the most valuable football card of all time title back. He is the GOAT after all.



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Top Football Cards Worth Money 2022 & 2021: The Classics



Bronko Nagurski 


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When we say classics, we mean it. Let’s go way, way back to 1935 when this monster of a player first appeared on a football card. An iron-man player who ran over both opposing offenses and defenses alike, Bronko is shown here in his famous bull charge pose. The card is incredibly rare and even more so in good condition. There is only one PSA 9 in existence and it’s estimated to be worth nearly a million bucks. Perhaps Ford should buy it to promote their newly revamped line of Broncos?? Just a thought!



Jim Brown 


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top football cards worth money 2021 jim brown

No surprises here as you can’t bring up classic football cards without speaking the name Jim Brown. Like Bronko, Brown simply mauled over defenders with a hard nosed brand of running that is truly a thing of legends. So it’s no wonder why his rookie card above is the epitome of legendary. There are only five PSA 9 grades in existence and they’re estimated to be worth more than $300,000 each. Seems like a lot but here’s a hot take: SMALL price to pay for one of only 5 existing MINT cards of a true gridiron legend!