Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card Early Look (First Releases)

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Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card


Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s a Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card yet? In the true sense of the word, no. However, there are a few prospect/college card options available. And for all intents and purposes, these can be considered Trevor’s first “rookie” cards. While these may not end up being the most sought after of his early releases, they’re what we all have to work with for the here and now. And for the moment, that’s what counts! Sometimes living too far ahead in the future isn’t a good thing. Or too far back in the past for that matter!

At any rate, often it’s best to live IN THE MOMENT. So let’s not get too caught up on semantics and see what football cards have Trevor Lawrence’s name across the bottom so far!



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Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card Options (Pre-NFL Draft Editions)


Best Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card:  2018 Leaf Auto Patch (Buy on eBay)

Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card


So far this is one of the most legit Trevor Lawrence rookie card options you’re gonna find. And the prices reflect it. There are a variety of different options but prices can go as high as $2,000 for some of the more limited print runs. Sure it’s a big spend, but just think of what prices will be around 2021 Draft Day!


Awesome Trevor Lawrence Autograph Card:  2018 Leaf Metal (Buy on eBay)

Leaf Metal

As you can see this is another card that features Trevor in his Army All-American Bowl Uniform (spoiler alert: they’re ALL going to be that way). Another similarity between this and the card above is its ability to bring in the dollars.


Mid-Range Trevor Lawrence Jersey Card:  2018 Leaf Freshman Class (Buy on eBay)

trevor lawrence rookie card patch

A sweet Trevor Lawrence rookie card featuring Clemson teammates and fellow NFL hopefuls Xavier Thomas and Derion Kendrick. As far as value goes, we’re getting into the area of a more moderate range investment. If you have a few hundred bucks lying around try to make one of these the latest edition to your collection!


2018 Leaf All-American (Buy on eBay)


Just like the Leaf Metal edition we discussed previously, the All-American features Big Trev doing what he does best: slinging that football. However, unlike the Metal, this card won’t do a whole lot of damage to your bankroll. A casual pick up for less than $200. No problem!



Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card FAQs


What About a Trevor Lawrence Panini Card?

Stay patient. They’re coming. And when they do, expect some BIG TIME prices. Not to mention an influx of increased buying and selling activity. As the Trevor Lawrence Panini cards start rolling out we’ll be sure to provide some updates here. Unfortunately, some of these Leaf cards may be kicked off the list once that happens!


When will we see the first Trevor Lawrence NFL Card?

Well, he’ll certainly need to be drafted before we can see him in his future NFL uniform (who gets smart with their own FAQ??). Expect to see some cards with Lawrence in his Jags jersey once the big flagship sets from Panini start hitting the shelves later this year (2021 Prizm, Mosaic, and Donruss collections). Additionally, we’ll get some Trevor Lawrence Clemson cards once the “Draft” sets like Prizm Draft and Contenders are released.



Question of the day: Will Trevor Lawrence come close to having the kind of rookie season that Justin Herbert did?



Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

While being the number 1 pick may be a given, that doesn’t mean the draft is totally priced in. As we move closer to draft day the cameras will begin rolling and all eyes will be focused on Trevor Lawrence. As we all know, the right kind of press is never a bad thing for trading card prices. Expect some short term gains from the draft and leading up to the NFL season. 9/10


Medium (1 to 3 years)

It’ll be hard to resist those easy short term profits. BUT, if you stay patient you’ll likely be rewarded for holding onto your Trevor Lawrence rookie card investment. He’s too talented not to be winning within the next few years. And if he starts to emerge as one of the game’s best, the prices will REALLY start to fly. 9.5/10


Long (3 years plus)

It’s not every day we would think about stashing a card away for the long haul on a player who’s yet to take an NFL snap. However, Lawrence is a special talent. If things fall in place, you could easily see 1000% gains or more years down the road. Overall this isn’t our favorite course of action but we wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to take a flyer here. 7/10




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