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10 Best Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards on the Planet


Best Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards Top Pick


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hottest trevor lawrence rookie cards




Perhaps you’re wondering what the hottest Trevor Lawrence rookie cards are. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Not only will we be taking a look at Trevor’s best and most valuable rookie card options, we’ll also cover some options that all hobbyist can afford. Whether, you’re a whale or a tadpole, we’ve got ya covered!

At any rate, often it’s best to live IN THE MOMENT. And now that many of the his top rookie cards are at a discount from where they were a year ago, now is a primed buying opportunity. The moment is yours! Just be sure to seize it before he lives up to his true potential.




Speaking of 1st overall picks…

Now would be a good time to pick up a couple of the hottest Trey Lance rookie cards!




Top 3 Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards



2021 Panini Prizm


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hottest trevor lawrence rookie cards


Of course we kick it off with the 2021 Panini Prizm collection. While the set saw it’s share of delays, we’re sure glad it’s finally here. Not only does, it offer a wide variety of prizms, there’s plenty of valuable inserts.

Just take a look at the Manga insert above. A cartoony style that allows Trevor to show of the flowing locks. While it doesn’t appear to serious, the card sure is serious when it comes to high values. Looking for something on a budget? Check out what base cards are available.



2021 Donruss Optics


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Speaking of amazing inserts, the Downtown card from Donruss Optics is fast becoming the KING of all inserts. And why wouldn’t it be? One glance at the card above and you’ll likely feel compelled to add one to your collection.

In addition to the Downtown Insert, Optics also offers a variety of parallels and amazing low-cost options. Truly a set to consider if you’re on the hunt for the hottest Trevor Lawrence rookie cards.



2021 Panini Absolute


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hottest trevor lawrence rookie cards absolute


As you can see in the card above, this collection knows how to sell the SIZZLE. The KABOOM insert is a tried and true fan favorite and only seems to be gaining in popular. Without a doubt one of the best Trevor Lawrence rookie cards money can buy.

While the KABOOM insert is certainly the show stopper of the collection, there are plenty of other great options to sink your teeth into. For instance, the sheer variety of Prizms and stunning base cards are enough to keep even the most finicky of collectors happy. And let’s not forget about the massive array of top rookie cards. Either way, you can go wrong with 2021 Panini Absolute.




3 Best Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards: Draft Pick Editions



2021 Panini Prizm Draft


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prizm draft


It’s really a 1-1A situation here but a close runner-up to Contenders Draft is the always impactful Prizm collection. The Orange Pulsar card above is one of the first true gems pulled so far as you can see by the condition, autograph situation, and color scheme. Did we mention it has a print run of just 49? Talk about one lucky collector! Just like the Contenders, Prizm has plenty of options that span a wide array of prices from the VERY HIGH to the casual. Simply put, a MUST-OWN card if you’re hoping to get into the market prior to the NFL season.



2021 Panini Chronicles Draft


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Panini Chronicles is known for being a “catch-all” as the collections bring together many brands from both the present and the past. We happen to like the Panini Select “In Flight” insert when it comes to Trevor Lawrence rookie cards. The card has a color pattern you can’t take your eyes off of and comes with Lawrence’s signature. Additionally, there are some incredibly rare parallels that are very valuable. Seek out that /25 if you’re looking for a hefty-sized investment.



2021 Panini Contenders


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trevor lawrence rookie card


FINALLY. The wait is over and Panini has finally delivered its flagship “prospect” collections Prizm Draft and Contenders Draft. It’s incredibly close as to which is our favorite but if we had to choose (and we feel we do) we’d go with Contenders. There are just too many amazing parallels and inserts to choose from not to be enamored by this remarkable set. For example, just take a look at the beautiful Cracked Ice Trevor Lawrence rookie card above. Sleek, rare, and autographed. What more could you want. Find one in your budget and grab one before pre-season begins!



5 Best Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards From Leaf



2018 Leaf Auto Patch


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Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card swatch


So far this is one of the most legit Trevor Lawrence rookie card options you’re gonna find. And the prices reflect it. There are a variety of different options but values can go as high as $2,000 for some of the more limited print runs. Sure it’s a big spend, but just think of what these might be worth in the days leading up to Lawrence’s NFL debut.



2018 Leaf Metal


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Leaf Metal


As you can see, this is another card that features Trevor in his Army All-American Bowl Uniform (spoiler alert: with the exception of one, they’re ALL going to be that way). Another similarity between this and the card above is its ability to bring in the dollars.



2018 Leaf Freshman Class


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trevor lawrence rookie card patch


One of the best Trevor Lawrence rookie cards featuring Clemson teammates and fellow NFL hopefuls Xavier Thomas and Derion Kendrick. When it comes to value, we’re getting into the area of a more moderate range investment. If you have a few hundred bucks lying around try to make one of these the latest edition to your collection!



2018 Leaf All-American


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Just like the Leaf Metal edition we discussed previously, the All-American features Big Trev doing what he does best: slinging that football. However, unlike the Metal, this card won’t do a whole lot of damage to your bankroll. A casual pick-up for less than $200. No problem!



2020-21 Pro Set


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trevor lawrence rookie card pro set


It’s baaaaaack. The iconic set known for its amazing hockey and football cards back in the 90s has been officially rebooted. And what a way to kick things off! QB of the future? Check. Retro reddish-orange background? Check. Official trading card of football fans everywhere? Check. The newest of new Trevor Lawrence rookie cards has already created shockwaves throughout the industry and is available with or without Trev’s autograph.

As far as value goes, these can really bring the heat. For instance, the card shown above has a print run of 99 along with Lawrence’s autograph and recently sold for more than $3,000 on eBay. While that may be too high of a price to pay for some collectors, others can take solace in the fact that the base card can be scooped up for somewhere in the $10 to $20 range. Like Too Short says “get it while the gettin’ is good!”.



Best Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards Honorable Mentions: 2 Budget Buys



2021 Topps X


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topps x trevor lawrence rookie card


One of the most recent Trevor Lawrence rookie card options is the 2021 Topps X collection. And we gotta say, they really went all out on this one. In addition to plenty of great autograph options and photo variation, the set offers a wide array of stylish drawings of the Jags new QB. Some may think these are a little over the top but for players with this kind of potential for both on-the-field success and off-the-field star power, it’d be a mistake not to go a little bit overboard. Value-wise, there are all kinds of great options in the moderate to casual investment range.



2021 Score


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Just like Pro Set, Score is a bygone collection that Panini has brought back in recent years. While not as popular as in its heyday, Score does a good job at giving collector’s a “first look” at some of the most exciting talent about to enter the NFL. And when it comes to exciting talent, does it get any more exciting than Trevor Lawrence? At any rate, this one makes for a great moderate to casual investment if you’re not looking to break the bank on your Trevor Lawrence rookie card.



Best Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card FAQs



What About a 2021 Panini Select Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card?


Stay patient. They’re coming. And when they do, expect some BIG TIME prices. Not to mention an influx of increased buying and selling activity. As the Trevor Lawrence Panini Select cards start rolling out we’ll be sure to provide some updates here. Unfortunately, some of these Leaf cards may be kicked off the list once that happens!


Trevor Lawrence Panini Prizm rookie card value?


As we’ve discussed earlier, there are plenty of cards in the collection at a variety of price ranges. Once you’ve figured out how much to spend you can narrow down the options based on your preferences. By the way, the Panini Prizm Draft Pick cards are far more affordable than the regular set.





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Best Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards: Investment Strategy



Short (1 year or less)


What we said before the 2021 Draft:

“While being the number 1 pick is pretty much a given, that doesn’t mean the draft is totally priced in. As we move closer to draft day the cameras will begin rolling and all eyes will be focused on Trevor Lawrence. As we all know, the right kind of press is never a bad thing for trading card prices. Expect some short-term gains from the draft and leading up to the NFL season.”

While the short term gains weren’t there last year, you could see some BIG gains this season. The market is low thanks to an abysmal year under an abysmal coach. If Lawrence can show he’s capable of taking a step forward, WATCH OUT.


Medium (1 to 3 years)


It’ll be hard to resist those easy short-term profits. BUT, if you stay patient you’ll likely be rewarded for holding onto your Trevor Lawrence rookie card investment. He’s too talented not to be winning within the next few years. And if he starts to emerge as one of the game’s best? Safe to say prices will REALLY start to fly.


Long (3 years plus)


It’s not every day we would think about stashing a card away for the long haul on a player who’s yet to take an NFL snap. However, Lawrence is a special talent. If things fall into place, you could easily see 1000% gains or more years down the road. Overall this isn’t our favorite course of action but we wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to take a flyer here. 7/10




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