Trey Lance Rookie Card First Look: Top 3 Options

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trey lance rookie card


With all of the hype surrounding the upcoming first-year releases of Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, it appears the Trey Lance rookie card market is going a bit overlooked. So if you’re not familiar with this future pigskin delivery service, please allow us to fill you in! Trey Lance is best known for his monster 2019 season at North Dakota State where he threw for 28 touchdowns with
ZERO interceptions. That season Lance also took home the prestigious Jerry Rice and Walter Payton awards and ended up winning the NCAA Division I FCS Championship for the cherry on top.

But even before this remarkable sophomore season, Lance was considered to be the best quarterback prospect in his home state of Minnesota. Despite these high accolades, most colleges wanted him to play cornerback or safety instead. Of course, he declined these offers and decided to pursue his dreams of being a quarterback by heading to a cream of the crop FCS team, North Dakota State. Once there Trey Lance began starting in 2019 and put together the sophomore season we just talked about. But there wasn’t much of an encore as 2020 Lance played the shortest college football season ever consisting of just one game before being chosen as the third pick in the NFL Draft in 2021 by the San Francisco 49ers. Wow, that escalated quickly.

So while he doesn’t have a whole lot of college experience, the scouts and coaches were more than ready to jump all over the young QB from North Dakota as soon as he declared for the draft. That said, it may be a good idea for you to take the same mindset and jump all over a couple of the following Trey Lance rookie cards!



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2021 Sage Hit Premier Draft (Buy on eBay)

sage trey lance rookie card

While these cards are less popular than the set that’s coming next, they seem to be holding their own in terms of value. Especially the ones that include Lance’s signature. For instance, the rare 1/5 Green autographed card recently sold for more than $800. But if you’re looking for less risk in your investment you can find some options for as low as $5 as well. Just a matter of how confident you are in Lance’s play.


2021 Pro Set (Buy This Trey Lance Rookie Card on eBay)

trey lance rookie card

Since Lance has yet to play a game for the 49ers, the card art still includes him in his Bison’s uniform. And that’s just fine by us as it’s hard not to like those unapologetically ugly uniforms! There are all kinds of options available right now for well under $100 which is an absolute bargain when you look at what the Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence Pro Set rookie cards are selling for. Although, if you want something that makes your card a bit more special, consider picking up one that includes Lance’s signature. Sure, these are going to cost you a bit more but if he lives up to the hype you’ll be glad you got the ink. On the flip side, if he turns out to be a bust, well there goes your money right down the drain.


2021 Panini Instant (Buy on eBay)


Last but not least we have a Panini Instant Trey Lance rookie card. Unlike the first two sets we covered, these cards feature Lance in both his college uniform and his new Niners uniform. While the 49er’s card is a cartoon drawing, you have to hand it to Panini for coming up with an easy way to get the new uniform out on the market. Additionally, look for the “Incoming Class” SSP card that features Lance rolling out of the pocket in his Bison’s uniform along with an autograph at the bottom. Right now, these don’t seem to be as valuable as the previous two options. However, there haven’t been many sold yet so we’ll keep ya posted.



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Trey Lance Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

Now that the Draft has come and gone, the next big thing that’s going to move the Trey Lance rookie card market is the start of the regular season. While we should get a nice bounce from that alone, there will be even more interest once it’s announced he’s taken over the starting QB spot. And according to some, that may happen sooner than you think. Buying one of these now and selling on the news of his first start should net you some EASY profits. Of course, if you want the BIG profits, you’ll need to find out how he actually plays once he’s under center. 8/10


Medium (1 to 3 years)

Lance’s experience with the West Coast offense should give him every opportunity to succeed in Shannahan’s system. Whether not he will is anybody’s guess. However, the fact that his new team seems tailor-made to his playing style makes us think that he’ll find his stride at some point over the next few years. 7/10


Long (3 years plus)