Wander Franco Rookie Card Strategy: Sell the Hype?

Wander Franco Rookie Card

If you’re more than a casual baseball fan, chances are you’ve heard of Wander Franco.  In fact, you may be getting slightly annoyed by how much you’ve heard of him.  At age 19, Wander has quickly ascended to the number 1 prospect in the land and has many scouts and pundits gushing like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch (trampoline).  Therefore, the Wander Franco rookie card market has gone BONKERS.

While the amount of hype is hard to stomach, it appears to be warranted.  So far, in just over a full MLB season worth of minor league at-bats, Franco has notched 20 home runs to go along with 110 RBI and a .336 average.  Throw in 22 bags and the fact he simply DOES NOT STRIKEOUT (54 over 768 plate appearances), and the reasons for the drooling scouts become quite clear.

HOWEVER, when it comes to Wander Franco rookie cards, NOW might be the time to sell.  We’ll tell you why shortly, but first let’s take a look at his most valuable cards (and the off-the-wall prices they’re going for).


Wander Franco Rookie Card Run Down


2019 Bowman Chrome (Find Bargain on eBay)

Wander Franco Rookie Card Bowman Chrome

When it comes to rookie cards, Bowman Chrome has got it on lock.  Which means, it comes as no surprise to see the most valuable Wander Franco rookie cards in this set.  For instance, an autographed red refractor recently sold for north of FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.  And guess what?  The card wasn’t even a perfect 10!  In addition to that, there have been many others from this set that have sold for some truly eye-popping numbers.


2019 Bowman Chrome Draft (Find Bargain on eBay)

Bowman Chrome Draft

This autographed “superfractor” has become a very popular (and very expensive) Wander Franco rookie card.  Perhaps it’s Wander’s cool demeanor displayed in this no-helmet card that has collectors going nuts.  Or maybe it’s the close up of that sharp haircut.  Either way, the card is selling for more than 3 grand.  Enough said.


2019 Bowman Megabox (Find Bargain on eBay)

2019 Bowman Megabox

Big cards can mean BIG price tags.  So it is with the Wander Franco found in this set.  The card features what appears to be a patient Wander with his bat slung over his shoulder waiting to get into the batter’s box.  And if you own the card and have been just as patient while waiting for its value to rise, let’s just say you’ve been rewarded.


Non-Bowman Wander Franco Rookie Cards (Find Bargain on eBay)

Wander Franco Rookie Card Leaf

Whether its a Panini, Leaf, Topps, or one of the others, as long as it has Wander Franco and his signature are on it, there’s value.  In many cases, a value that has exceeded (or is quickly approaching) the four-digit mark.




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Investment Rating:  Take Your Profits!


Look, the potential is clear but the kid hasn’t even made it to AA yet.  With such little track record to go on, the value of these Wander Franco rookie cards seem to be FAR outpacing the actual on-field performance.

History if full of “can’t miss” prospects that never live up to the hype.  Heck, just in the past few years we’ve seen the likes of Byron Buxton, Archie Bradley, Jurickson Profar, Lewis Brinson, Blake Swihart all dwindle into relative obscurity when compared to their lofty prospect status.  Going back even further we can find names like Colby Rasmus, Jason Heyward, Nick Castellanos, and Taijun Walker.

Now many of these former “can’t missers” go on to have fine MLB careers.  The problem is a “fine” career doesn’t equate to a valuable baseball card.  So what if Franco wanders (pun intended) off his projected path and goes the way of these previously mentioned players?  Let’s just say that Bowman Chrome Red Refractor won’t be selling for $50k any longer.