Willie Calhoun Rookie Cards (Buyer’s Guide & Pricing)

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willie calhoun rookie card


Believe it or not, now may be a great time to pick up a few Willie Calhoun rookie cards. We know, bold claim. But bear with us, please!

In 2019, Willie Calhoun showed some MASSIVE potential. In what was a breakout season for the young slugger, Calhoun posted 21 long balls to go with 48 RBI in only half a season of at-bats.  We, like many others, believed even bigger things are in store once he had his first full (and hopefully healthy) season in the bigs. However, that never happened.

Instead came an injury-riddled 2020 season where Willie only mustered 100 at-bats. And the lack of healthy time on the field wasn’t the worst of it. During the games where Willie was healthy enough to take the field, he managed just 1 homerun. That’s not a typo. ONE MEASLEY long ball. Quite a different ratio than his 2019 power production.

So instead of a breakout season, we received an injury-riddled one where on top of his power outage, Willie’s average didn’t break the Mendoza Line.

Which brings us to our bold opener. Besides plenty of frustrations for Willie and the Rangers, the disappointing year produced something else. BARGAIN BASEMENT prices on Willie Calhoun rookie cards. If you believe the potential is still there, picking up one of the following cards could amount to some BIG TIME profits margins!



Safe to say this guy’s 2019 went a little bit better than Willie’s…

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Top 5 Willie Calhoun Rookie Cards


2016 Bowman Chrome (Find Bargain on eBay)

Willie Calhoun Rookie Cards bowman chrome

Talk about a buying opportunity. Even some of the rarer refractors in MINT condition are going for less than $50 heading into 2021. Wow. Compare that to the same card for another young talent such as Wander Franco and your jaw will drop.

You’re gonna wanna be on the lookout for the autograph or refactor versions for the biggest value. Or better yet, go ahead and snag one with BOTH an autograph and refactor tag.

Bowman sets the standard for prospect cards and if Willie ever realizes his potential expect this to be one of his most valuable cards.


2018 Topps Opening Day Black Foil (Find Bargain on eBay)

Willie Calhoun Rookie Cards

A rare card that shows off Willie’s natural “batter’s eye” (seems like he’s looking for a change-up) and features a dark background that makes his bright home jersey really POP.

At one time this card would have set you back quite a bit. But expect that number to be a fraction of its former self if it surfaces on the market prior to next season. If you see it out there it could be well worth a try.

Hey, it better’s to wear a Black Foil hat than a tin foil one any day!


2018 Panini Flawless (Find Bargain on eBay)

Willie Calhoun Rookie Cards

Nothing screams authenticity like a beautiful piece of game fabric. The crisp, clean background and autograph add some icing on the cake. Slap a rock bottom price tag on it and you’ve got yourself the TOTAL package.


2017 Bowman Platinum Top Prospects (Find Bargain on eBay)

Willie Calhoun Rookie Cards

It may not be a Bowman Chrome, but this platinum card is a GIANT in its own right. Look for it with an autograph for added collectibility. Better yet, seek out the Orange refractor AND autograph for an even nicer payday if that breakout season finally hits.


2018 Donruss Optic Holo Prizm (Find Bargain on eBay)

Willie Calhoun Rookie Cards

While this is the lowest on our list in terms of value, it’s number one in terms of nostalgia. Who can resist that vintage Donruss “Rated Rookie” font in the top left corner? Time to take a trip down memory lane (and a very inexpensive trip at that……FOR NOW).


2018 Topps Series 1 (Buy this Willie Calhoun rookie card on eBay)

willie calhoun rookie cards

There are plenty of options from this set but we prefer the horizontal warm-up swing version of card #245. The serious look across Willie’s face is what we hope to see more of in 2021. Let’s get back to business!



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Willie Calhoun Rookie Cards Investment Rating:  Opportunity Galore


As we said earlier that awful 2020 created quite the buying opportunity. The price of his first year and prospect cards have absolutely cratered and nobody knows what will transpire in 2021. Will he bounce back from that devastating pitch to the face and hamstring injury? Or will it be more of the same production we saw in 2020?

Either way, it only seems reasonable to think the bottom is in after last season. We’re naturally optimists and expect Willie to get back to form in 2021. As we talked about earlier, Willie showed what he’s truly capable of in his first real shot on the big stage in 2019. Even if he doesn’t get back to that 40 homerun potential, we’d certainly expect the coming year’s performance to be MUCH better than last.

Investment Rating Score Card: 7 out of 10 




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