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To say the Zach Wilson rookie card market is in its infancy may be an understatement. However, with the 2021 NFL Draft just days away, there will be plenty of attention turned towards the few cards that are out there so far. So now seems the perfect time to figure out exactly what those cards are, and what cards are coming soon. While the following certainly aren’t the greatest options compared to what’s coming, they’re available RIGHT NOW. So if you have an insatiable thirst for a Zach Wilson rookie card that needs to be quenched ASAP, consider picking up one of these to hold you over!



Question of the day: Will Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson have the better NFL rookie season?



First Zach Wilson Rookie Cards on the Market


2021 Leaf iCard (Buy on eBay)

leaf rookie

Leave it to Leaf to get the jump on the NFL rookie card market. This card features Wilson in his BYU uniform getting ready to rifle the ball downfield. Down at the bottom, we see a “Declares For the 2021 NFL Draft” line directly beneath Wilson’s name. Meanwhile, the back of the card offers a great recap of Zach’s jaw-dropping Junior year where he threw for 33 TDs against 3 INTs, posted a 196.4 rating, and passed for over 3,600 yards.

As far as pricing goes, these certainly won’t do any damage to your bankroll – $10-$20 extra bucks should get it done.


2021 Pro Set (Buy on eBay)

zach wilson rookie card

Leaf is rebooting the ole’ Pro Set brand that was popular with NFL and Hockey card collectors back in the 90s. This is the first card we’ve seen that includes Wilson’s autograph so it comes as no surprise this is the most valuable of the early releases. Presales on eBay are asking for more than $500.


Zach Wilson Rookie Card Options Coming Soon


2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks

No offense to Leaf, but this is when the Zach Wilson rookie card market will really start to take off. These will feature Wilson in collegiate action as this collection always focuses on elite NFL prospects in the most recent draft. As far as prices go, you’ll see some huge tags come from this collection (as always). However, there are sure to be plenty of options that the more casual investors will be interested in.

Release Date: As of right now Panini Prizm Football Draft Picks is slated to roll out on April 31st, 2021. However, delays aren’t out of the ordinary so we can only hope it arrives on time!


2021 National Treasures Collegiate

There is no word on when this set will arrive but it has been a mainstay of the pre-NFL prospect cards so we’d expect for Panini to keep the traditional rolling. The collection usually focuses on rare and valuable cards that include both autographs and memorabilia. So if you’re hoping to make a sizable investment you’d do well to wait and see what National Treasures Collegiate is offering.


2021 Panini Contenders Draft Picks

Along with the last two, this rounds out the 3 sets we’re expecting the most from out of all the early Zach Wilson rookie card options. We have no idea when it’s coming but last year’s collection was released in late May. So as long as Panini brings it back, and we see no idea why they wouldn’t, this will give you a good idea of when to start setting aside some extra purchasing power. You’ll see plenty of high-value cards here along with autographs and rare variations.



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Zach Wilson Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

He’ll be one of the top picks in the draft and has the talent to be a week 1 starter. And perhaps even in the Big Apple! Either way, there will be plenty of the hype surrounding this guy leading up to the draft and then leading up to the season. Hard to go wrong if you plan on flipping before the season starts. 8/10


Medium (1 to 3 years)

We know he’s got plenty of talent but that’s not all that matters for rookie QBs in the NFL. Coaches, teams, health, and about a billion other factors make predicting how one will fair a difficult task. That said if he comes out and looks like Justin Herbert from last year you’ll be glad you didn’t sell your Zach Wilson rookie card before the season began. Risky, but a big reward could await if you have the stomach to hold. 7/10


Long (3 years plus)

We’ll wait to see how his first season goes before even considering something this far ahead.



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